Starfruit, Lichtenberg and music for living

February’s pickings: Starfruit, figs, peaches, raspberries, tamarillo, pears and zucchini, squash, celery, snow peas, leek & peas.

Correct preparation of Starfruit: Hold with right hand, lob off the hard, woody end and then slice the end off in long, thin star-shaped pieces.

Never before had a mind come to such a majestic halt

My kingdom to the person that can come up with a greater first line. It’s taken from Georg Christoph Lichtenberg; a sixteenth century scholar, philosopher and author of The Waste Books, the first example of aphoristic German literature.

Lichtenberg and I have spent several hours together already this month and frankly, I’ve developed a bit of a crush. The Waste Books were never intended for publication. Unlike a journal or a diary, it’s a compilation of Lichtenberg’s most random thoughts – the stuff you write on post it notes, or the back of coasters, but Lichtenberg probably scribbled with a quill onto his leatherbound notebook. After all he did write it between 1765 and 1799.

And that’s what makes this book so incredible, to think that his quips and questions mirror so many of our own modern dilemmas and home truths. I find it comforting to think that our human struggles are not only universal but that they also transcend the boundaries of time. They follow us around, through the generations. Or does that actually mean we’re doomed never to discover the answers?


A soundtrack for living
Remember Ally McBeal? Was it the opening scene or just an episode where she’s walking around NYC with headphones on, and suddenly the song transforms her day. And in that moment it’s as if her life has a soundtrack. All good soundtracks should start with the Rolling Stones.Then Joe Cocker’s The Letter. Instant Karma from John Lennon would also be there. And probably this. But that’s just today – it changes all the time.

MAKE: THIS post from Jules of Stone Soup of how to cure fridge blindness has got to be the cleverest read this month and bound to cure the what to cook for dinner problem. Oh, ok and maybe make these oatcakes from Orangette. Sigh, this woman’s blog is perfection of the written word.

READ: Can’t decide between this DIY post on emotional rescue from British spiritual life writer, Lesley Garner who is very similar to Stephanie Dowrick. And this one from The Atlantic on why the clocks at Grand Central Station are always wrong – on purpose.

GROW: Apparently February is not a good month for planting around these parts. Can’t imagine why – what’s not to love about days of searing heat, followed by days of epic wind and rain? That said, sow some leeks and lettuce into your veggie patch and some Florence Fennel for your garden.

LUNA: February’s moon falls on Wednesday, 8 and resides in Leo. Apparently it’s a time of self-expression. So if you want something, it’s time to speak up!

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